Bevel gear units

Product concept


ZAE Bevel gear units

Bevel gear units are favoured when unfavourable installation conditions necessitate a direction change in the transmission.

Bevel gear sets

  • spiral toothing
  • alloy case-hardened steel.

Gear unit housings (cuboid in shape)

  • machined on all sides
  • mounting holes on all six sides
  • Additionally, a centring fit on three sides.

Performance profile


ZAE Bevel gear units
  • 6 sizes (88 - 260 mm edge length)
  • 4 standard transmission ratios (1:1 to 4:1)
  • Special transmission ratios upon request
  • Drive torques up to 2,400 Nm

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Model diversity


ZAE diverse designs

Gear units optionally available with:

  • a single sided or double sided drive shaft
  • a hollow shaft
  • additional shaft branches (even three dimensional)

Type W: Gear unit with free input shaft
Type MW: Gear unit with motor flange and coupling (for IEC motors and servomotors)

specific adjustments


servo version with low backlash toothing

In many cases the gear units are also adapted to the individual requirements. Examples:

  • servo version with low backlash toothing
  • stainless steel version for use in industries with stringent hygiene and cleaning guidelines (foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industries).

Stainless steel gear units more

Technical information


Edelstahl - Kegelradgetriebe

Stainless steel gear units

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Application examples


Werkshalle Automobilindustrie

Slide adjustment at transfer press (automobile industry)

State-of-the-art bevel gear units for highest demands - ZAE

As specialists for tailor-made solutions in drive technology we also offer our customers a wide range of models in the field of bevel gear units. Bevel gear units are employed wherever a direction change or torque split is required. Thanks to their dedicated further development our bevel gear units can be used in a variety of ways and are characterised by their long service life. 
The bevel gear sets have a spiral toothing made of alloy case-hardened steel. Our high quality standards in respect of material selection and processing afford every bevel gear unit which we produce a long life cycle.

You can find all the information on this and other innovations with regard to our manufacturing process here on this web site. We look forward to your enquiry and would be pleased to give you detailed advice.

Stainless steel gear units for highest demands - ZAE

Especially in the foodstuff industry great importance is attached to hygiene. Here individual components, and indeed entire installations, are frequently cleaned and thereby subjected to a greater strain. For this reason ZAE offers you, specially for this segment, stainless steel gear units of the highest quality and processing standard.

Our stainless steel gear units are employed, above all, in the beverage and foodstuff industry, in the packaging industry as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Stainless steel gear units are ideal here, as they are less susceptible to aggressive cleaning and disinfectant agents, which are often also applied at high pressure.

Stainless steel gear units are therefore the perfect drives for a long life cycle. We would be happy to give you detailed advice with regard to our product range and innovations in respect of stainless steel gear units. Inform yourself on our web site and get in touch with us directly. And in the case of special designs, too, we explicitly address your needs and hence act as your professional partner for stainless steel gear units.