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Achieving breakthroughs together.

ZAE has been developing, producing and selling innovative drive technology products for nigh on 100 years. Today, ZAE is one of the leading mid-sized companies in this segment and has a range of products that are valued far beyond Germany's borders. Our success is not an accident: It is the result of engineering expertise, know-how developed over decades and a convincing customer focus. Borne aloft by a team that lives up to these challenges day-in day-out with the greatest of dedication.

Drive is in our genes

We have achieved a great deal, but a lot of ground still lies ahead. That is why we are regularly seeking new specialists who are not only team players, but are creative, flexible and purposeful in their work and who do not lose sight of the company's goals. We offer an attractive job with a competitive salary and numerous social benefits – in a strong team!

Proud of our plant in Hamburg

From the development and design of our gearbox solutions through to production and assembly and sales and service, our Hamburg site serves countless fields of activity.

Small acorns grow into great oaks

A choice of career is one of the most important decisions a young person makes in their life. The fostering of young talent is therefore very important to ZAE. We provide training in various technical and commercial occupations. Also within the context of a dual study programme.

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What we stand for


Every human being is unique. This is why we appreciate the way each different mind with its unique opinions enriches our teamwork.


Ideas and careers thrive better in a climate of respect, constructive feedback and honest team spirit.


If you are self-confident and want to work on your own initiative in a dynamic company, then we will support and encourage you!

Your career at ZAE

ZAE-AntriebsSysteme GmbH & Co KG offers you numerous career opportunities.


Whether in training or completing a dual studies programme – you can kick-start you career at ZAE. As part of a great team. With people who promote your strengths and support you on your journey.


Whether for an internship, as a working student or to write your dissertation – there are lots of ways you can gain work experience at ZAE.


Uni finished? Time to get started with your career. Get off to a good start with ZAE. You have lots of options available to you. Whether as a specialist, engineer or in the area of commerce.

Experienced Professionals

Are you a specialist with technical or commercial training or an engineer? Then take the next step on the career ladder at ZAE in a strong and diverse team.

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