Food and beverage industry

In the food industry, smooth production processes are in demand because stoppages can be expensive.

Equally important is 100% compliance with hygiene requirements, which is guaranteed by special coatings or stainless steel versions. This is a clear case for quality gear units from ZAE.

Because industry experience counts

Challenging operating conditions

In the food industry you cannot afford to compromise in many ways. Smooth production pro-cesses at extremely high process speeds are just as important as 100% compliance with hygiene requirements. Demanding operating conditions including high thermal loads and frequent stress due to cleaning processes also need to be added to this. Developing optimal drive solutions for the food industry has been one of the main focusses for many years. In the beverage industry, for example, we satisfy a large number of important processes with our gear units. These include gear units for bottle washing, labelling, filling, testing and inspection, transport and box cleaning, and stretch blow-moulding PET bottles machines.

Hygienic Design

Maximum productivity and the efficiency of systems is becoming increasingly important. Mathematically accurate ratios are also frequently necessary for synchronisation or mechanical coupling. Primarily, ZAE gear units are perfectly suited for this purpose because they rule out contamination by lubricants during operation in advance by using H1-certified food-compatible oil. Additional special requirements can be met by modifying the ZAE standard gear unit. Our customers also benefit from custom gear units in a hygienic design that prevent the formation of water nests during cleaning and wash down operations. For special corrosion protection requirements, our gear units can have special coatings added or even be made of stainless steel.

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Do you have a special requirement? We are guaranteed to have the per-fect gear unit solution for your application in our large range of prod-ucts.

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