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A great number of standards and sector-specific regulations need to be adhered to when packag-ing food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, especially in the area of hygiene. ZAE gear units are characterised by their extremely hygienic design and ease of cleaning. A further advantage is their high precision and power density which allow them to meet the increased demands for fast processes in the packaging industry with excellence.

Because industry experience counts

Years of experience

If you take a look at the shelves of supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies you will not only notice that the choice of products is huge, but also the number of packaging forms.

The consumer goods industry in particular is extremely fast-paced, and constantly requires new and innovative packaging solutions to score highly amongst consumers. Food packaging and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products also need to comply with specific standards for product safety, health protection, environment, international trade and sector-specific regulations.

We are well equipped for all of this at ZAE. This is because for us, as a long-term and experi-enced partner of machine and plant manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, as a mat-ter of course, we always keep up-to-date with market requirements and design drive solutions that optimally support the production of high-quality packaging.

Robust and dynamic gear units

In addition to our efficient ZAE standard gear units, our customer-specific gear units for packag-ing machines have already proven their worth thousands of times over, including our extensive series of state-of-the-art servo worm gear units. Our gear units provably master special challenges in terms of installation space and energy efficiency with "top marks".

As current comparative measurements show, the advantages of our ZAE worm gear units are particularly impressive in the area of energy efficiency. Many of our customers have chosen to rely on worm gear drive concepts from our company for many years for this reason.

The properties demonstrated by our robust and dynamic gear units include energy efficiency and options for individual modification. Depending on the application and gear unit type, addi-tional corrosion protection can be added by using stainless steel or special coatings, and the drives can also be filled with food-grade oil with H1 approval. This makes it possible to use in both stationary applications, such as a belt drive, and in non-stationary applications, such as a pick-and-place robot.

Whether a standard gear unit or customised drive solution – ZAE gear units are designed to meet the high demands of packaging foodstuffs, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products.

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Do you have a special requirement? We are guaranteed to have the perfect gear unit solution for your application in our large range of products.

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