Machine Tools

In the machine tools sector, a long duty cycle with simultaneously high rotational speeds are the most important factors. In addition, machine tool  designs and the tasks they perform are very  varied. This requires special know-how in drive development and high-quality and reliable solu-tions. This is exactly where ZAE gear units stand out.

Because industry experience counts

Perfect drive components

Since the construction of machine tools and the tasks they perform are extremely varied, it takes a lot of know-how and experience in drive development to make the right decisions. This is where we are in our element.

The basic requirements for drive systems used for machine tools include the very highest per-formance and precision. But only drive components that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer transform a solution into the optimal solution.

Anyone who knows ZAE also knows: No task is too tricky, no challenge too big. We have been successfully developing drive solutions for machine tools of the most varied type for many years with this approach – for example, for feeding work pieces and tool changers.

Experienced development engineers

For example, from countless customer specifications we know that main drives have to have high torsional rigidity and minimum torsional backlash to be able to position work pieces in the micrometre range. Precise manufacturing for good concentricity and a rigid vibration-damping construction are also important decision criteria for the choice of gear unit to be used.

You want process functions to be integrated into the gear unit? No problem. Our experienced development engineers are ready and waiting to work out the optimal solution for your applica-tion.

Find your individual solution

Do you have a special requirement? We are guaranteed to have the perfect gear unit solution for your application in our large range of products.

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