Geared motors

Product Concept

The ideal drive solution can be selected depending on the requirement profile. ZAE gearboxes generally have an interface that facilitates modular motor attachment.


The following types of geared motors are available at short notice:


  • Single-stage worm geared motors
  • Helical worm geared motors
  • ETA DRIVE geared motor
  • Worm-helical geared motors (two or three stages)
  • Double worm geared motors
  • Bevel gear motors



  • Customised modifications possible
  • Modular ZAE concept for IEC, servo and Nema motors
  • Single and multi-stage variants

Performance Data and Type Overview

Worm geared motors

Typ M und DM

Helical worm geared motors

Typ GM

Worm helical geared motors

Typ M

It is impossible to illustrate the breadth of possibilities available for different geared motors here.

All further information available on request.

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