Worm gear sets

Product concept

We produce worm gear sets in our Hamburg plant for various applications. In addition to our extensive standard programme featuring centre distances ranging from 40mm to 400mm, we also manufacture wheelsets according to your individual specifications.

Standard worm gear sets

Our worm shafts made of 16MnCrS5BG are hardened and ground smooth.

We have various versions of worm shafts available. In addition to our worm shaft with a cylin-drical shaft end and a keyway, we also offer a variant with a toothed shaft end. The short shaft end has a splined shaft profile according to DIN 5482, matching the corresponding K coupling we have available.

Worm gear set centre distance 80mm, worm shaft with splined shaft profile

Wheelset centre distance 100mm, bolted worm gear with hub

Worm gear sets based on customer drawings

Individual wheelsets based on customer drawings are available up to a centre distance of 400mm and up to Module 16. The standard ZK profile is also an alternative to other flank shapes.

We are also able to calculate, design and manufacture gearsets from other materials such as cast iron and stainless steel.

Duplex gearsets are also part of our product range for various applications.

Take advantage of our expertise in designing and dimensioning a wide variety of tooth systems and gearsets. In addition to KISSSOFT, we have a variety of in-house calculation programmes and years of experience available for this purpose.

Duplex gearset in special design

Gearset for use in worm gear screw jacks

Worm gear designed as a spindle nut

Gearset based on customer specifications

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