Pharmaceuticals industry and medical technology

Gear unit solutions are required for a wide variety of needs in medical technology and pharmaceutical production. A high degree of precision and smoothness are required above all for medical devices used in therapy or diagnostics. Hygiene requirements need to be met without compromise in the pharmaceutical sectors. ZAE gear units are perfectly suited for this purpose.

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The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries along with medical technology count as some of the most dynamic economic sectors in the world. They involve essential innovations, intensive research and investments worth billions of Euros to the benefit of both people and society.

Gear unit solutions from ZAE play an extremely important role for applications or products in many areas: For example, patients need to lie very still and be precisely adjusted in imaging devices such as those used for magnetic resonance tomographs or X-rays. Our gear units are used in the production of healthcare products as well as being used in their packaging processes. In tablet presses, for instance, large worm gear units are installed as a carousel drive. We know from experience that worm gears are the best way to absorb the high impact loads exerted during production.

Years of experience

In other applications, our customers frequently use our polished stainless steel surface angular gear units with Ra <0.8 in combination with food grade oil. The polished surfaces help to ensure that the hygiene of the machine is optimal.

With our many years of experience and broad product portfolio, you can be sure we have the right transmission solution for you.

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Do you have a special requirement? We are guaranteed to find the perfect gear unit solution for your application in our large range of products.

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