Steel and sheet metal processing

The metal industry places the highest demands on gear units. Especially when enormous forces and torques are involved. High temperatures and continuous operation also put a gear unit under a great deal of stress when it comes to efficiency. Durable ZAE drive systems help to minimise outages and ensure perfect metal processing and metal working.

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Extreme overload capacity

Drive systems in the metal industry are often exposed to extreme loads. These include, for example, enormous forces and torques along with high temperatures or continuous operation – all of which places the most extreme demands on the performance of the gear units. Only a reliable, robust drive can prevent outages and facilitates optimal metal processing and metal working.

ZAE gear units can often be found in use here especially where large forces and torques are involved. These successfully withstand the considerable demands place on them. During pressing and punching, impact loads are generated that require a corresponding overload capability. ZAE worm gear units are ideal for this purpose. Depending on the load profile, special materials like worm wheel made of ductile iron can be used instead of the usual bronze. Housings made of cast steel help to prevent external damage.

Special Solutions

Special requirements? Then we have the right special solution for you! For example, we have already manufactured worm gear sets based on customer drawings with a centre distance of more than 600 mm. Or in some cases also large worm gear units with a centre distance of up to 400 mm, where the bronze hollow shaft on the output side is designed and produced with a trapezoidal or saw thread –referred to as a worm gear screw jack. Even our production capabilities are pushed to their limits, we can still support you with our engineering experience.

No matter if it involves a large or small gear unit: What all our drive solutions for metal processing have in common is their robustness, reliability and load capacity. Typical features of ZAE gear units that our customers appreciate.

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Do you have a special requirement? We are guaranteed to have the perfect gear unit solution for your application in our large range of products.

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