High performance for every application

Our comprehensive, modular gear unit programme allows numerous combinations. We can inte-grate modifications based on specific industry requirements smoothly and inexpensively at any time. Our gear units have been proving their reliability and cost-effectiveness for decades in a wide variety of applications.

Are your requirements really special? We evaluate the basic conditions in detail and build a first-class drive solution precisely for your application. For example, requirements such as hygienic design, corrosion resistance, low noise and mathematically accurate ratio represent important specification that we fulfil as a matter of course.

Machine Tools

Machine tool designs and the tasks they perform are extremely varied. They require special know-how in the development of drives. This is exactly what ZAE delivers.


Intralogistics, automation, handling

High cost efficiency and reliable quality are in demand on a 24/7 basis in the area of automation, robotics and intralogistics – ZAE gear units do a first-class job in his respect.


Pharmaceuticals industry and medical technology

Gear unit solutions are required for a wide variety of needs in medical technology or pharma-ceutical production. The challenges are many, as are the solutions from ZAE.


Packaging Industry

A great number of standards and sector-specific regulations need to be adhered to when packag-ing food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products. ZAE is best prepared for this.


Steel and sheet metal processing

The metal industry places the highest demands on gear units. ZAE gear units can often be found in use here especially where large forces and torques are involved.


Food and beverage industry

In the food industry Smooth production processes are just as important  as 100% compliance with hygiene requirements and much more. This is a clear case for quality gear units from ZAE.


Stage Technology

Stage technology usually requires the use of low-noise gear units and slim housing designs with high permissible torques at the same time. This is where ZAE gear units play their trump card 


Further industries

Can't find your industry? No problem! We will find an application-specific solution for your industry in cooperation with you. 



Case Studies

Case Study Kilian Romaco

In the production of medicines, the very highest level of precision is essential. The formula has to be 100 per cent right – and the production process likewise requires precision down to the last detail.

So in order to perfect its tablet production, the Cologne-based tablet press manufacturer Romaco Kilian opts for customised worm gear units made by ZAE. Their smooth running, low temperature emissions and durability make them highly desirable.

Case study

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ZAE has stood for high-quality drive technology for 100 years. At that time, as it still is today, it was our aspiration to work hand-in-hand with you to develop customer-specific drives for the most di-verse range of applications based on our extensive experience and technical expertise.  more

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