Helical worm gear units

These gear units combine the advantages of worm gear units with those of spur gear units:
In the high-speed range of the first gear stage, under lubrication-favourable conditions, the multi-speed worm shaft operates with an efficiency of up to 95%.
This is where the worm gear stage demonstrates its excellent vibration damping properties for optimised smooth running. Precise spur gear sets run in the second or third gear stage downstream with likewise excellent efficiency at low speed.

Product details


  • Vibration and shock-absorbing
  • Quiet, damping operation
  • High power density
  • Output side with hollow shaft, one-sided or double-sided shaft
  • 2 or 3 gear stages in the same housing
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Maintenance-free
  • IEC motor attachment, servo motor attachment or free shaft end
  • Various modifications available
  • Clamping set option on the hollow shaft

Torques on the output side

T2;zul : 50 Nm bis 5000 Nm

Ratio(s) (*)

  • 10:1 bis 1000:1


  • 012
  • 112/113
  • 212/213
  • 312/313
  • 512/513


up to 97%

Input speed

bis n1 = 6000 min-1 zulässig

Shaft Arrangement

Hollow shaft 

Single-sided output shaft

Single-sided output shaft

Double-sided output shaft


Model B

Model F

Model A
(shaft mount -type)

Model H
(with shrink disc)


Worm helical gear unit: Types E112 to E513

With free drive shaft end



These gear units are used, for example, in the textile industry.

Worm helical gear unit: Types M012 to M513

For IEC standard motor attachment


These gear units are used, for example, in the beverage industry.

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