Developed for the most extreme demands in servo technology. This is particularly evident from the high power density, high torsional rigidity, low backlash and enormous reliability of this se-ries. Modern features including adjustable play over the eccentric cover, fixed-lose-bearing for the screw, integrated hermetic pressure compensation and O arrangement on the output-side bearings form the technical basis for this series – and all that at a very attractive price. If you are interested, talk to us today!

Product details


  • Maximum rigidity
  • Very high positioning accuracy
  • Adjustable and readjustable gear play 
  • Extreme overload capacity
  • Vibration and shock-absorbing
  • Compatible with any servo motor
  • Mathematically accurate ratios
  • Standard with integrated hermetic pressure compensation (closed gear unit)
  • Variable bearing concept (depending on your application)
  • With food grade oil


  • Backlash adjusted
  • Output-side hollow shaft with clamping set or feather key (see below)
  • Variable bearing concept

Torques on the output side

T2;a : 30 Nm bis 1700 Nm

Ratio(s) (*)

  • 4:1
  • 6.4:1
  • 10:1
  • 16:1
  • 27:1
  • 39:1

* weitere Übersetzungen auf Anfrage 

Sizes (centre distance)

  • 40
  • 50
  • 63
  • 80
  • 100


bis zu 97%

Input speed

bis n1 = 6000 min-1 zulässig


Standard : <6 arcmin

Low backlash:  </= 2 arcmin 


On the output side, three different shaft designs are available as standard.
The hollow shaft with keyway can be used for a positive connection with a feather key.
The two smooth hollow shafts with shrink disc, which only differ on the attachment side, can be used for a non-positive connection.

Shaft design 00

Shaft design 06

Shaft design 05

Performance Data
Description Frame size Ratio max. acceleration torque [Nm] S1 nominal torque [Nm] EMERGENCY STOP torque [Nm]
Description Frame size Ratio Speed [rpm] Permissible torque [Nm] Max. torque [Nm]



Servo worm gear units in the Z-Drive series


These gear units are used in the packaging industry and automation technology - e.g. for ma-chine tools - where the highest demands are placed on precision, reliability and performance.

The motor connection of the gearbox (intermediate flange and coupling) is individually adapted to your choice of corresponding servomotor.

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